This Contract for Hair and Makeup Services (“Agreement”) is made effective upon submission of this form (“Effective Date”), by and between Echelon Beauty Kauai LLC, a Hawaii limited liability company. The undersigned (hereafter referred to as the “Client”) hereby agree that they are contracting Echelon Beauty Kauai LLC (hereafter referred to as “Echelon”) to provide wedding beauty services for their wedding or event.

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How many people will need JUST hair services? $75 per person
How many people will need JUST makeup services? $75 per person
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How many will need lashes? $5 each
$160 (Only offered at Waiohai Salon in Koloa. Services must take place a month or more out)
How many additional hours requested? $75 an hour
Early Morning Fee:
If hair/makeup services start before 7am, this is a mandatory fee.
Echelon Beauty Kauai does not provide hair flowers or accessories. Please order your hair flowers through your floral provider or planner and request they be delivered to your bridal prep address 2 hours before services are set to be complete.
In order to book services, this Service Agreement must be signed and the non-refundable deposit must be paid. Cancellation Policy: - If cancellation is received within a week of signing a contract, deposit in full will be refunded. - If cancellation is received at any other time, the entire fee will be charged. Postponement: If services need to be postponed or canceled, it is the sole responsibility of the Client to notify Echelon Beauty Kauai LLC. You may contact Alana N. Agustin by phone or email: (808) 639-1708 or If services are still needed for a new date, the Client is responsible for submitting a new date. No postponement fee will be charged.
Deposit Payment : Deposits may be made by check or credit card. Checks must be written out to Alana Agustin and sent to: P.O. Box 1662 Koloa, HI 96756. If the Client wishes to pay by credit card, Echelon Beauty will send the client an invoice with request for payment via Square. Please note a 3% processing fee will be added for this option. Final Payment : The final headcount for services is due 1 month before the event date. At this time, final payment is also due. Clients can submit payment by check or credit card following the same method above. Returned Check Policy : Any returned check will incur a $30 service charge. Subsequent future payments must be made by cash or money order only.
I will pay the deposit by: *
From time to time, extra persons who were not pre-arranged for services may want services done at the last minute. If there is time to service additional people, we will be glad to accommodate them after the wedding party is completed. However, we are only committed to being available for the services that are pre-booked. Extra persons will be responsible for their additional fees paid in cash.
A fee of $25 per half an hour will be charged to you if Echelon Beauty Kauai’s Stylist are waiting to serve you on the day of the wedding. Every wedding and event will have an agreed upon arrival time for set up and agreed upon start time for services. You will not be asked on the day of the wedding for payment. You will receive a request for payment after the event. Thank you for remembering our time is as valuable as yours.
Trial runs are not required. The fee for each trial run is $80 for hair and $80 for makeup. The Trial run is a separate fee from the wedding day makeup service fee. The Client may choose to have a trial run before the contract is signed. However, We cannot hold a date if contract has not been signed and $100 deposit has not been received. The fee for the trial run is non-refundable and non-transferrable. Hair and makeup trials only take place at the Waiohai Salon in Koloa. Stylists will not travel for Hair and Makeup trial runs.
The Echelon Beauty Kauai team are hereby designated as the exclusive hair and makeup service providers for those included in the contract. It is understood that no other artist (professional or otherwise) will be allowed to interfere with the responsibilities of our team. Any breach of the clause constitutes a reason for non-completion of the services with no liability to Echelon Beauty Kauai LLC and the understanding that no refunds will be made. If for any reason Echelon Beauty Kauai cannot provide services due to an unforeseen cause, Echelon Beauty Kauai LLC will provide the Client with a suitable substitute. If a suitable substitute cannot provide services due to unforeseen circumstances, the Client’s payment will be returned in full. Echelon Beauty Kauai LLC will not be held responsible for any additional charges the Client may have to pay if a suitable substitute cannot provide services. It is understood by the Client that Echelon Beauty Kauai will only provide products and services to those who are paying for services. For sanitary reasons, Echelon Beauty Kauai Stylists will not allow non-clients to borrow and use beauty tools and products while services are being provided on site.
Echelon Beauty Kauai LLC is not responsible for any losses to the client as a result of damages or theft. Security for all personal items at an event is the sole responsibility of the Client. Echelon Beauty Kauai LLC is not responsible for any allergic reactions the client or attendees may have from products used by Echelon Beauty Kauai LLC stylists. It is the sole responsibility of the client to inform us of any product allergies before the contract has been signed and/or the trial has taken place in order for Echelon Beauty Kauai LLC to make the necessary arrangements for the client. The client shall hold harmless Echelon Beauty Kauai LLC, designated employees and representatives from all claims for damages caused by the acts of the Client, the Client’s guests and invitees.
This Agreement and any disputes hereunder shall be governed by the laws of the State of Hawaii, and any disputes hereto shall be adjudged in Kauai County, Hawaii, where the State District Court shall have sole jurisdiction.
The Client gives permission to Echelon Beauty Kauai LLC to use any tasteful, professional photos taken for use on the Echelon Beauty Kauai LLC website or for any other marketing purposes at no cost to Echelon Beauty Kauai LLC. The Client may request Echelon Beauty Kauai to remove the photo at any time but it is Echelon Beauty Kauai’s ultimate discretion.
For clients that decline to have a professional wedding planner, Echelon Beauty Kauai requires these clients to be responsible for the following: - 1 week out from event date: text or email message to stylist confirming: Bridal Prep Address & Room # - 1 month out from event date: final headcount for services & what time services complete (recommended: at least 1 hour before bride needs to leave for the ceremony) - If there are more than 3 people for services, make sure everyone is ready with payment before services begin.
By signing your name below, the parties requesting services hereto agree to the terms of this Contract for Hair and Makeup Services as of the Effective Date above, and the individual signing on behalf of Echelon Beauty Kauai LLC below has the authority to enter into this Contract for Hair and Makeup Services on behalf of Echelon Beauty Kauai.