Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge for wedding hair and makeup?

  • Bridal hair and makeup $185

  • Bridal party hair and makeup $160 each

  • Bridal Party a la carte services (hair or makeup) $80 for hair, $80 for makeup



Do you provide services on location?

Yes, it is an additional $25 for services on location to Kauai’s South/West Shores. $50 East/North Shores. Please note that we have a service fee minimum of $525 (3 ladies for hair and makeup plus $50 travel fee) for the North Shore.


What’s the advantage to airbrush foundation? What about false lashes?

Airbrush foundation provides a flawless, touchable, long-lasting, and transfer-proof matte finish for your skin. It is compatible with all skin types and is sweat, tear, and smear resistant. It requires fewer powder touch-ups and coverage can be adjusted easily for light to heavy concealment. It covers blemishes extremely well, giving your skin a smooth, airbrushed finish. False lashes are a great accent to add that extra “pop” to your eyes in your photos when your natural lashes don’t normally stand out. False lashes photograph very well and can be applied differently according to how much drama you want to add. There are many different styles of false lash strips, and they are available in smaller sections and single lashes as well if you prefer more of a natural look. We highly recommend both airbrush foundation and false lashes.

  • For hair and makeup clients, false lashes included.

  • If you are not using our services but you want just false lashes, we are happy to provide and apply them for $10.

  • Clients may provide their own false eye lashes and we will apply them for free if they are receiving services.


Are there different prices for long/short hair up-do or down-do ?

Prices are the same. Although it may seem easier to style shorter hair or do a down-do, most of the time we take as much, if not more time to ensure curls will stay perfect for a down-do or styling shorter hair into a wedding style.


What makeup products do you use?

We use a variety of name brand products to best suit each client’s needs. All of our eye makeup is waterproof to ensure beautiful wear throughout your day. If you are allergic or have sensitive skin to certain ingredients, please inform us at the time of your booking so that we can have ample time to research our product ingredients.


Do I need to provide makeup or hair items?

Your stylist will arrive with everything they need to provide an entire hair and makeup application. However, if you have a special hair or makeup product that you are more comfortable with, we would be happy to add that to our routine for the day. Please provide BEFORE services begin any hair flowers, decorative clips/pins, hair extensions or hair pieces that you wish for us to insert into your hair. You will need to provide your own product for lip touch ups throughout the evening. If you have oily skin, it is suggested you bring a matte touch up powder.


How should I prepare my hair and face for services?

Please be sure your hair is clean and dry (washed the night before or morning of). It is most important that your hair is completely dry so that we can start styling upon arrival.  Extra time spent drying hair will cut into your timeline for your special day. It is also important to groom your face (wax upper lip, wax/shape eyebrows) at least 4 days before your wedding.


How should my large bridal party be scheduled?

If you have a larger wedding party, we bring assistants to help keep everyone on time. It is very important that we get everyone in the service chair on time. We usually style the bride last so she can relax for most of the day and get any last minute changes completed. 1 month before the wedding, please email us your final headcount for services and what time you need everyone completed by and we will let you know what our start time will be.


How much time should I allow in my schedule for hair & makeup?

It varies on the amount of styling and application. For the bride alone, hair and makeup will take around two hours. Bridesmaids and mothers should also plan between one and two hours.


How long will my hair & makeup last?

Your hairstyle will last until you take it out. It is very rare for a style to come undone during the course of your wedding day, barring rain or other inclement weather. Your makeup should last the entire day. Our state-of-the-art application techniques allow your makeup to have wonderful staying power.


How long does the trial run usually take and is it necessary?

The trial run lasts a maximum of 2 hours. If more time is needed, we reserve the right to charge an extra fee for our time. The purpose of the trial run is an opportunity to work through your preferred styles, make adjustments according to your features and preferences, and find the best overall look for you. This is also an opportunity for us to share preparation tips and the best method or products for your specific skin type or hair length/texture. A trial run is not necessary prior to your wedding; we have very competent stylists that can achieve any look you desire. Please note that trial runs are only done more than 3 months prior to the wedding date and only done in the salon.


What if not everyone wants their hair & makeup done?

While we highly recommend that our stylists provide services for your entire group to ensure a cohesive look, we’re happy to build a custom package for you by providing hair or makeup only services.

Alana ..Thanks so much for everything. Not only was your work amazing but you are so cool and great to be around! You made my day and made me feel so beautiful.
— D. Miller